Life at work, life at home

Life at work, life at home

What happens at home that affects your work!

Wouldn't it be nice to figure out why we are not as productive as we should be at work? Why do we get frustrated with our fellow co-workers? Is this all I get out of my employee? Ari gets your team to understand how home life can completely affect and hurt our work performance. Find the deep simple secrets that he reveals to improve in all areas of your life especially at work. Dramatic change requires a dramatic "self change." Lot's of audience participation, a ton of laughter, yet highly emotional and life changing. A day of exploration not to be missed.

Aristides Priakos - Author/Inspirational — Motivational Speaker

Aristides Priakos - Author/Inspirational

Ari's leaves the audience wanting more!!

International Best-Selling author of "I Alone! Mastering Life's Seven Principles." A journey into mindset, leadership, team building, and a study of self and awareness. He's like Tony Robbins on Steroids and gets result on-the-spot! Do not miss him!

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