"How To Find, Interview and Hire The Right People!"

"How To Find, Interview and Hire The Right People!"

Success Strategies To Have Only the Best People in Your Organization and Never Have a Bad Hire Again. Ever!

(Virtual, Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars, Keynote or 2-hr to Full Day Programs) Are you tired of having candidates do so well during the interview only to be a bust on the job? Is your Business like a revolving door of average employees coming and going? Have you ever wondered why your competition has better players? Your people are your greatest asset yet most managers and businesses have no idea how to find and hire great people. What would your organization look like if you had all the right people? How much productivity, poor team morale, lost customers and money are the wrong people costing you? John’s one of a kind program that will prevent you from ever having a bad hire again! Ever!

John Formica - The "Ex-Disney Guy" — Motivational Speaker

John Formica - The "Ex-Disney Guy"

Disney Philosophy Speaker and Trainer on Disney Culture

Have you ever wondered how Disney continues to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Team Culture & Customer Experience? Imagine if you had the "Ex-Disney Guy" Entertain, Inspire & Engage your audience or team to succeed?

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