Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences

Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences

Optimizing Communication, Cooperation, & Connection

This program is for teams and groups who want to increase their effectiveness and collaboration by learning to understand and appreciate each other's perspectives including personalities. In this interactive session, people will: - Explore different aspects that impact our perspective, such as our training, life experiences, personalities, values, and how we think • Discover why we become defensive and cautious when we meet people with different preferences and ideas than us - Explore how to understand and appreciate the varied perspectives of our colleagues and customers and their strengths. - Learn how to adapt our style for better communication and cooperation. We don't observe the world, we interpret it based on our own personal perspectives. Because we all have different life experiences and personalities that shape our perspectives, this can make our interactions challenging. What's more, our brains trigger a threat response when we meet someone with different preferences than us. Understanding and reminding ourselves that these differences are not bad, but interesting, improves our ability to CONNECT, COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE with the people around us. This program uses neuroscience and DiSC personality theory to help people understand their own personal perspective and how to identify and appreciate those of others. Add an Everything DiSC® personality assessment for each person to dig even deeper into your group's personal styles. For a quote and availability, please contact Tina at tina@thepositiveedge.org or call at 608 448-3576.

Tina Hallis, Ph.D. of The Positive Edge — Motivational Speaker

Tina Hallis, Ph.D. of The Positive Edge

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