Attitudes are Contagious: Which 'Bug' are You Giving Your Students?

Attitudes are Contagious: Which 'Bug' are You Giving Your Students?

Setting the Tone for a Day Filled with Joy and Learning

Attitudes Are Contagious — Which ‘Bug’ Are You Giving Your Students? — This empowering presentation is for teachers of all ages! We will take a hilarious and touching ride on the rollercoaster that we call the classroom that you won’t ever forget. As teachers we are not only the instructor, but we are the barometer of attitudes as well. It is a big responsibility! Our students, no matter what their ages are constantly watching us! They learn how to deal with tough times, difficult people and hard lessons by watching which attitude WE choose! They can be empowered to faces life’s tragedies and triumphs with power and grace! They can learn from you that they have the power of choice to choose how they respond to the bumps in life’s road!

GAYE HANSON — Motivational Speaker


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