Study Less and Remember More

Study Less and Remember More

Created by The Two Time Guinness World Record Holder for Memory

Students cut study time in half while acing tests and remembering everything. Colleges raise academic standards, retention and even enrollment when a Farrow Memory Speaker visits. -Students learn how to use the latest brain science to achieve perfect focus and retain what they are focusing on. -Students learn how to use their brain in a way to remember what they are studying. -Students will triple their memory during this presentation!

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory  — Motivational Speaker

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory

Farrow Method for Memory Improvement and Speed Learning

Dave Farrow - Leading Expert on Memory and Focus Improvement, Brain Based Learning, Accelerated Learning, Self-directed Learning. Dave shares simple, fun and effective skills to help you laugh and learn your way to success in any area of life.

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