Humor in Diversity

Humor in Diversity

Using Humor to Enhance Diversity Acceptance

Humor is a universal human trait that crosses all cultures and societies. This presentation addresses how humor can be used to decrease prejudice and improve relationships of people from vastly different backgrounds. This presentation will discuss the role that baggage, projections, judgments and perceptions play in impeding our ability to appreciate cultural differences other communication styles and how humor can be used to overcome these obstacles. 1.Recognize ways that humor can be used to decrease prejudices 2.Demonstrate how humor can be used to knock down barriers the impede communication 3.Give examples of ways to respond to the use of inappropriate humor and how to educate those that use it.

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP — Motivational Speaker

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP

The best of humor from a baby boomer!

One of a very rare breed of Board Certified Humor Professionals bestowed by the Humor Academy of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. David received a personal thank you from President Obama for his work with trauma survivors.

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