Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Designed to shatter bias and improving workplace diversity and inclusion.

This training is vital to today's workplace environment and culture. Tracy will provide a powerful presentation of shattering bias and improving workplace diversity and inclusion. Some of what the session may include: * Unconscious Bias & How to Spot It * How Unconscious Bias Affects Workplace Diversity & Inclusion * Why People Do What They Do * How Temperament Fluency Impacts Your Influence with Others * Understanding Interaction Styles * How to Talk About Diversity and Inclusion Without Offending * How to Reduce the Effect of Unconscious Bias in Your Hiring Process / Being Hired * Diversity & Inclusion Interactive Exercises

Tracy L. Spears — Motivational Speaker

Tracy L. Spears

Funny. Engaging. Memorable. Worth every penny.

"The best speaker we've ever hired", "She will have your audiences laughing and learning". Just 2 comments that follow every event she speaks at. Former VP, Business Owner, and Collegiate athlete...her message resonates with all audiences.

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