The Changing Face of Cybercrime

The Changing Face of Cybercrime

Latest trends in hacker attacks

Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, youtube script kiddies, sim card jacking, credit card skimming, new tactics by fake tech support scammers... These are just a few of the latest strategies employed today's social engineers. Learn about these new tactics and how you can protect your organization, associates and family members from these threats and those that are on the way!

Inspirational CyberAwareness Evangelist — Motivational Speaker

Inspirational CyberAwareness Evangelist

Healthy Paranoia is a Good thing - Be CyberSAFE

You'll learn: “How can we enhance the company culture and the human firewall to better secure our business, our community, our schools and our homes? Leaders will be able to correctly perceive risk and know "Where are we most vulnerable?"

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