Heroic Sales!  ---Live or Virtual events

Heroic Sales! ---Live or Virtual events

The Action Hero approach to Customer Service.

Business is relationships. Customer service is fostering relationships.In this fun interactive Keynote Address, John demonstrates Effective communication skills through physical demonstrations. Your audience will witness how effectively communicating with an individual can achieve extraordinary results. Because the content is supported by dynamic physical demonstrations, your audience will long remember what they learned and are 93% more likely to put it into action. "John's presentation regarding customer service was great. Our audience included professionals, field service technicians and office personnel. Everyone came away from the presentation with an enthusiasm for internal and external customer service. John's use of the bull whip to demonstrate customer service principles left a memorable impression. One of my employees stated that "John was very down to earth and understood us." ~Judy Packer, FireFighter Sales and Service By combining his skills as a speaker, entertainer, and comedian, John engages his audience with powerful content in a unique enjoyable way Contact John today to discuss your event and how you can work together to create a success.

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero — Motivational Speaker

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero

Bullwhips, Nunchucks, World-Class Comedy, and REAL SOLUTIONS

Using bullwhips, nunchucks, and world-class comedy, I will deliver a program that delivers real impact for your audience both personally and professionally! These programs can be delivered either live or virtually.

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