Relationships, Profits, and Hashtags, Advancing a #CustServ Culture!

Relationships, Profits, and Hashtags, Advancing a #CustServ Culture!

Customer Service is a Culture not a Department

Ford, Harley-Davidson, and IBM are not the same company that they were in 1925, 1985, or even in 2015. The current Fortune 500 list contains more service sector businesses than ever before. Even the manufacturing sector is revolutionizing value streams with service components directly connected to their products. This isn't a new trend, it has been shifting for decades, and it has an alarming rate of acceleration. What is necessary for success? In a word, culture. Position your audience or entire organization to:  Understand the urgency of service components in a service economy  Connect with the concept of: “Everyone is in sales.”  Learn how internal service translates to external brand promise  Build a strategic focus of customer service based on six simple habits  Improve relationships, extend lifetime value, and increase profit margins by careful consideration of three game changing questions Individuals need this for building relationships and a well-respected career. Workplace leaders or role models need it for creating team success in a thriving service economy. Entrepreneurs and business owners need it to escape their technical or trade expertise that started it all, so that they can create a culture that positions their organization for growth.

Dennis Gilbert, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Dennis Gilbert, CSP

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