Hollywood Service

Hollywood Service

10 Service Lessons From the Movie

Did you know that Braveheart is a great lesson in customer service and service recovery? That Forrest Gump is about teamwork? The Martian is all about building an intentional company culture? The success of the film Dances With Wolves has a lot to do with organizational priorities. This high energy, incredibly entertaining session reminds you of lessons you may not have even realized you knew using familiar stories. Then, you’ll learn how to take those lessons back to your organization with practical methods to improve your service culture. Bonus: Popcorn!

Eric Kidwell — Motivational Speaker

Eric Kidwell

Enthusiastic and Engaging Speaker for Service & Leadership

Eric Kidwell is the founder of MoreThanKind.com and The Secret Society of Nice People. Eric engages audiences though high-energy, interactive presentations custom-designed for each audience.

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