How to Inspire an Awesome, Outrageous and Legendary Customer Experience

How to Inspire an Awesome, Outrageous and Legendary Customer Experience

Make Every Customer/Guest a Promoter

How do you ensure that your Customers’ Experience (CX) is meaningful, impactful and so awesome and outrageous, that they will go and tell everyone about it? What is the impact of not addressing it? What does "awesome and outrageous" even look and sound like? In this roll-up-your-sleeves highly-tailored keynote and workshop, using one the most exhilarating forces in business today - IMPROVISATION, your leaders, managers and teams will experience the process of inspiring an Awesome, Outrageous Customer Experience which soon becomes YOUR Legendary brand. And, please start with your employees. You won't need any new manual when you start there. Your employees will want to share that enthusiasm. "Yes, but..." cynicism will be replaced with a "Yes, AND..." attitude that resonates with the customer. When starting with your employees, they become more vested and excited about transferring that enthusiasm to all customer interactions. This highly experiential keynote will be a playground for bold new ideas you'll want to implement immediately - I promise!!

Maxine Shapiro — Motivational Speaker

Maxine Shapiro

An outrageous blend of humor and business savvy!

From the Feds to FOX, Papyrus to Zappos, find out why clients call Max, "Phenomenal!" These HIGHLY interactive keynotes and workshops transform your event into a playground for collaboration, boldness, and agility. Transformative AND entertaining.

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