Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service

How To Serve Customers And Enjoy It!

“How To Serve Customers and Enjoy It” is much more than another seminar about smiling and being nice to customers. It is a seminar for transforming the people of any size organization into a customer-first success team. The bottom line is producing Quality Customer Service. (QCS) Participants Will Learn: — A Positive approach to creating customers — How to be the type of person customers like to buy from, or do business with — How to make customers recognize and appreciate the fine service given them Strategies in handling customers who: — Are angry or defensive — Raise obstacles or objections — Complain or are going to be disappointed Participants will learn how to turn these challenges into positive experiences that will make the customer or client want to return. www.iamsharingavision.com

Robert E. Criner — Motivational Speaker

Robert E. Criner

Creating Enthusiasm For Life!

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