Delivering Mindful Customer Service

Delivering Mindful Customer Service

Customer service that truly creates bonds and long term value with the customer

Delivering Mindful Customer Service The Delivering Mindful Customer Service program incorporates the theory that if you are empathetic to your customer, your service will excel. Excellent customer service is not only a means to retain current clients, but an imperative method to grow your business. Your business needs to strive for world class customer service. Scott will help you do this by engaging your entire team in a step-by-step process that will inspire your employees to make your clients become raving fans. This training encourages a mindful and creative environment to address customer needs. Each team member will be empowered to resolve customer challenges, create win-win outcomes, generate deeper client relationships and expand business through team-driven customer referrals and testimonials.

Scott David Goyette — Motivational Speaker

Scott David Goyette

Existing Mindfully - Living in the Moment with Gratitude

Scott Goyette has inspired thousands to live happier, more balanced lives. Known as the "Mindful Living Expert," Scott shares tools that challenge you to live with a deeper sense of gratitude. Corporate, Collegiate and Youth programs are offered.

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