The Cornerstones of Customer Service

The Cornerstones of Customer Service

Building Strong, Productive Relationships Through Extraordinary Experiences

In today’s society, regardless of your industry, superior service and creating memorable experiences is the primary way to build meaningful relationships with your customers and even with your own team. A successful organization must understand and implement key principles (cornerstones) of their service and support activities to ensure they maintain productive and profitable relationships with their clients and customers. In this presentation, Scott Cantrell relies on over a decade of study, experience, observation, business development, and consulting to distill this vital concept into a series of simple yet profound strategies. His presentation is filled with colorful and entertaining stories as well as fun and interactive demonstrations proving the methods he shares. After the Program, Audience Members Will Be Able To... -Instantly Assess Their Own Service Experiences to Consistently Improve -Apply the CAP Method for Extraordinary Experiences -Create Memorable & Meaningful Customer Contacts to Build Enduring Relationships

Scott Cantrell — Motivational Speaker

Scott Cantrell

More Focus-More Enthusiasm-More Action-More Power

In the past 10 years, more than 1100 audiences have been Engaged, Inspired, Educated, & Entertained by Scott's Dynamic, High-Content, & Customized presentations!

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