Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Creativity Lab For Business Professionals

Creative processes and business process are dependent on each other. But, a recent research study finds that the U.S. has been in the midst of a creative crisis for the past two decades. That crisis has become more severe over the past couple of years. The study concludes that we are using far less of our enormous creative capacity than previous generations. A limited creative capacity produces limited creative output and reduced problem solving and idea generating capabilities. It also means you are being limited on reaching your full creative potential---preventing you and your business from achieving the success you want most. Ron's lab work focuses on: - Filling more of your artistic void with tools that boost your creative and innovative spirit. - How ideas are generated to make it easier to navigate the creative process. - Creative-thinking warm up exercises that make you better at performing creative-thinking tasks. - Why mistakes should be embraced as a natural part of the creative process. - Brainstorming techniques that increase team morale and innovation

Ron Ruth — Motivational Speaker

Ron Ruth

I teach businesses how to speak fluent "WOW!"

Ron is an engaging Customer Experience keynote speaker and trainer, generously offering his expertise and passion to see others succeed. His witty and informative presentations are packed with actionable content that will make your audience cheer.

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