Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating

Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating

Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy

Business travelers deal with a never-ending litany of stresses and pressures-- security hassles, delayed flights, missed meetings and constantly hurrying from place to place. When there is time to eat, it’s gulping down fast food at the airport, having an overly rich expense account dinner and drinks, or the ubiquitous conference lunch buffet. It is no surprise that trying to eat healthy under these conditions has long been seen as impossible. Not anymore. Global business consultant, Natasha Léger offers hope and practical tips in Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy. Travel Healthy, features a series of tools that are easy to use, which will inspire you & your team to think differently about food. During this presentation of Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating you will Learn: - What is the role of employers in creating incentives for employees, including travel expense policies. - Does it start with–the individual or the food companies and restaurants? - What is the role of a word? Changing the word from food to Nouri to describe what we should be eating. What people are saying: “The tools in this book have re-energized my commitment to be good to myself and eat well on the road.” - Paul Barrett, Senior Manager with Accenture travels 150,000 miles a year. “Natasha has given all of us globalized road warriors the gift of an easy, quick and compassionate guide for a healthier, less tiring and more fun existence. She shows us that eating in healthful ways, comforting the soul, and dealing with time pressure don't have to be at odds with each other. And it's got an ROI you really can't afford to miss out on." - Olaf Groth, Professor at HULT International Business School & Founder of Emergent Frontiers Group. While Travel Healthy was written for business travelers, it is great for anyone trying to figure out how to eat healthy.

Natasha Leger — Motivational Speaker

Natasha Leger

Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior's Guide to Eating Healthy

Author of Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior's Guide to Eating Healthy, former International Trade Attorney, Global Business Consultant, Experienced Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator.

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