Difficult, Demanding ,in Your Face and in Your Office...

Difficult, Demanding ,in Your Face and in Your Office...

....encountering and defusing the hostile patient in a medical pract

All medical practices hope that all patients are happy and satisfied, but the truth of the matter is that every office will encounter some one who is angry, difficult, hostile, or demanding at some point in the life of the business. These patients can show up in any kind of office practice - medical, dental, chiropractic, group or solo, self employed or corporate owned. Front office staff, lab technicians, providers, billing staff are all at risk of being targeted by these kinds of patients. But there are ways to approach each case, to anticipate when they might occur, how to interact and defuse situations that threaten HIPAA compliance, personal safety and professional reputation and more. With over 35 years in practice in family medicine, urgent care, hospital work, and drawing on my training in risk management, I will show you and your co workers how to recognize and control these kinds of patients, how to identify the root causes of their anger and form effective teams to reduce or prevent occurrences

Sylvia  Mustonen DO — Motivational Speaker

Sylvia Mustonen DO

health futurist

I am the Physician 4 People, a family doctor on the path to empower patients and bring humor to those who are in the field of medicine. I have the solution to the 7 minute office visit. the keys to health and wellness, medical conflict resolution

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