Keeping Families Safe in Cyberspace

Keeping Families Safe in Cyberspace

Best Practices to Protect your Tweens, Teens & Digital Immigrants (aka Seniors) online

It's almost 2020 and the Internet has become a dangerous maze of Dark Web, scammers, evil hackers and other ethically challenged individuals who prey on our trusting and unaware family members. Learn about the latest scams, cyberbullying attacks, and malicious software (malware) targeted against our network neighborhoods. Fortunately there are steps you can take, including installing layers of digital defense that can help protect your family and community. Learn how to fortify your Human Firewall so you can be a digital defender in your environment. Mike Lattimore has spent the last 2 decades as a digital defender and building security awareness in the community, corporate and educational environments. His audiences are delighted as he entertains and educates while sharing stories of cyber victory...and victims. This presentation can be customized for your audience and even adapted into a half-day or full-day program.

Inspirational CyberAwareness Evangelist — Motivational Speaker

Inspirational CyberAwareness Evangelist

Healthy Paranoia is a Good thing - Be CyberSAFE

You'll learn: “How can we enhance the company culture and the human firewall to better secure our business, our community, our schools and our homes? Leaders will be able to correctly perceive risk and know "Where are we most vulnerable?"

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