Pressure-Free Sales: Boosting Your Know, Like, Trust Factor

Pressure-Free Sales: Boosting Your Know, Like, Trust Factor

How to improve sales performance by reducing stress without slowing down.

Are the members of your audience constantly under pressure to increase sales and enhance performance? Is the key to their success unlocking the true potential of their co-workers and team members? And themselves? Is stress and burnout preventing them from bringing their A-game to the table? What if your audience could learn how to improve performance with a simple on-the-go stress management method? What if they could experience breakthroughs in a matter of hours or days? What if they could employ this simple method in any situation, at work and at home? By easily boosting their "know, like, trust" factor, not only will sales improve, but team morale, and your audience members' personal lives will improve as well. Elle Ingalls delivers a humorous, action-packed experience guaranteed to offer an eye-opening look at what is really holding back personal performance.

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress — Motivational Speaker

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress

Maximize Performance Without the Stress and Burnout

From Kellogg to Wells Fargo and countless non-profits and educational institutions, Elle has cracked the code on reducing stress, anger and anxiety quickly and effectively. A former Forbes Coach, she solves your audience member's biggest problem.

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