Communicate, Persuade, Inspire

Communicate, Persuade, Inspire

How leaders hook their audience from the very first sentence

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: From business presentations to leading and inspiring your team, from videos to networking events - developing the skills to communicate persuasively is the key to your success. In this learning experience, professional speaker and presentation coach, John Godoy blends a unique mix of personal branding, public speaking techniques, and lifestyle habits to provide attendees with engaging content, real world takeaways, and a fun and interactive session. All this is designed to help you develop your executive presence, overcome speaking anxiety, and make you a better communicator in front of anyone in any setting. AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS: • Become more comfortable and dynamic when presenting in 1on1 and group settings. • Learn how to improve audience engagement through applying vocal variety and dynamic body language • Learn tools to overcome barriers to effective presentations and speaking anxiety.

John Godoy — Motivational Speaker

John Godoy

Eastern Wisdom, Western Philosophy, & American Practicality

I blend Eastern Wisdom, Western Philosophy, and American Practicality focussing on Human-to-Human Communication, Health and Wellness, and the Future of Work

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