Connect Through Meaningful Communication - Regardless of What Planet They Are From

Connect Through Meaningful Communication - Regardless of What Planet They Are From

Learn to communicate with those who are living on another planet and speaking another language

Sarah's communication program can be tailored as a one-hour keynote to an all-day training. We can even provide online assessments to get the learning started before the training. Are others often ‘speaking another language’ or ‘on another planet’? Do you come away from meetings feeling you didn’t get your point across? Do others fail to understand you no matter how many times you repeat yourself? Do you often wonder how a conversation started in one direction but ended completely differently? The majority of conflict at work is no more than communication gone wrong. Either through a misunderstanding of the what, or just as often, through the ‘how’ it was said. The ability to communicate ‘cleanly’ will not only reduce conflict but improve your promotion prospects. Effective communication is vital for relationship-building, promotion prospects, maximizing sales and team management. During this training participants will learn: > An insight into the different preferred communication styles > The language of millennials and how to leverage their gifts > How to maximize the impact of your communication - every time > How to avoid being misunderstood > How to spot what planet others are from and respond to their different language patterns > How to achieve rapport with just about anyone > How to be the team member others want to work with > How to keep conversations on track and target As with all of Sarah's work, everything is tailored to the individual needs of the organization and team. She understands the difference between the theory of what 'should' happen and the reality of what actually happens. Every organization, team, and personalities making up that team are different. One size does not fit all. With her international experience in team building, she will be able to guide the conversation where it needs to go.

Sarah Steele — Motivational Speaker

Sarah Steele

Let this born-n-raised Brit energize your team with her down-to-earth, practical advice gained through (too many) years of experience. British humor is included for free!

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