No Cape Needed

No Cape Needed

Improve How You Lead and Communicate by Leaps and Bounds

All leaders make mistakes when it comes to communicating. The good news is that — contrary to popular belief — you can become a highly effective communicator, even if it doesn’t seem like a natural skill for you. And once you learn the most important "dos" and "don’ts" for inspiring your team, it’s like gaining a superpower. You’ll be able to move your employees to action in a variety of new ways, and you’ll transform your company as a result. . You’ll walk away from this session with a fresh perspective on communicating with your most important asset — your employees. You’ll get specific advice — the do’s and don’ts that will make a real difference for your company and how to plan your communications in just five minutes so every communication achieves your business outcomes. After all, great communication isn’t just about helping a company or team go from good to great. Instead, it allows you to create a lasting legacy through improved performance. And so much more.

David Grossman — Motivational Speaker

David Grossman

Helping leaders drive productivity and get results

David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, CSP, helps leaders drive productivity and get the results they want through authentic and courageous leadership and communication.

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