Communicating Concerns and Commitments

Communicating Concerns and Commitments

Strengthen Employee Relationships

Most conversations never get to the core of someones real concern and what they are committed to. And most of us do a terrible job at listening and asking questions. As a result, people hide behind emails, hold onto grudges, and conversations that matter never get addressed. Teaching people how to be a powerful communicator increases employee performance and minimizes office gossip. Participants will discover: - How to talk about anything with anyone. - The difference between listening and hearing - How to overcome the fear of the conversation "not going well." - How to address concerns before obtaining clarity on commitments - How labels/judgments (past interactions) can impact future conversations - Why open-ended questions lead to greater depth in conversations

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert — Motivational Speaker

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert

Taking Effective Action for Managers and Sales Professionals

Audiences enjoy Eric’s impromptu humor, ability to understand their known unspoken challenges, and actionable strategies that produce an increase in confidence and performance. Serving: Annual Conferences, Sales Meetings, and Leadership Events.

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