Why People Do What They Do

Why People Do What They Do

What Motivates Others

Understanding why people do what they do is easier after learning various ways we each approach and process the world. Tracy presents a fun, insightful presentation that examines the different personality temperaments and interactive styles. This workshop enhances communication skills by identifying what motivates individuals based on their core needs and strengths, which are essential in building an effective team and better relationships. Learning Objectives: - Simple strategies in understanding the differences in personality temperaments - Identifying interactive styles and their individual needs, strengths and motivators - How to listen for intent and meaning behind the message - How to build a cohesive and productive team

Tracy L. Spears — Motivational Speaker

Tracy L. Spears

Funny. Engaging. Memorable. Worth every penny.

"The best speaker we've ever hired", "She will have your audiences laughing and learning". Just 2 comments that follow every event she speaks at. Former VP, Business Owner, and Collegiate athlete...her message resonates with all audiences.

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