From Fear to Fearless:  How to Be a Confident, Powerful Speaker

From Fear to Fearless: How to Be a Confident, Powerful Speaker

Informative and Interactive Keynote or Breakout Session

Would you like to be the best of yourself in front of any audience? You’ve done it ten thousand times with friends and family, but when you make a presentation, what can happen? Fear. And that can change everything. Instead of your natural, likeable self, we see someone who is nervous, formal, trying desperately to be “perfect” and not make a mistake. This talk is designed to overcome fear and allow you to be yourself: likeable, personable and real. This informative, interactive presentation works for large audiences or small and helps anyone who wants to be more effective in speaking whether in front of a large audience, a team meeting at work or giving a toast at a wedding. By the end of the talk the audience is on their feet, speaking to a partner, and practicing what Jim has just taught them.

Jim Comer — Motivational Speaker

Jim Comer

Jim tackles tough topics – the mind-numbing fear of public speaking, the authenticity of sharing your stories, caregiving for loved ones – and leaves audiences inspired, informed and entertained.

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