How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death

How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death

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If your difference-making group desires easy and highly-effective strategies for getting their message out of their heads and on to paper, hire writers’ coach Randy Carney. Since 1984, he has developed strategies for writing that have helped aspiring authors realize their dream of getting their words on paper. Randy accomplishes this task through consultations, speaking engagements, webinars, and success-coaching programs. Randy provides techniques for planning books, so the author will know what goes where before he or she begins to write. In addition to that, he presents ways of overcoming “writer’s block,” and methods of getting initial drafts of projects done extremely quickly. When working with Randy, experienced and aspiring authors can expect to: · Develop detailed plans for their books · Meet reasonable deadlines (less than a month for original drafts if necessary) · Receive helpful techniques for research and editing · Gain information on a variety of publishing options The ultimate outcomes of applying these techniques result in confidence, speed, ease and satisfaction. One of the highest areas of satisfaction comes from the writer finding recognition as a highly credible expert in the author’s chosen field. Randy also provides coaching for speaking, business, marriage success, and Life Balance. As an international speaker, college-administrator, marriage encourager, and writing coach, Randy has been the inspirational force behind success for valued professionals and students, as well as writers and speakers who needed to take the next step toward the fulfillment of their dreams. As an opening key-note speaker, Randy will set the tone for your event. He customizes every presentation to the particular audience and their needs. As the closing speaker, he encourages the audience to carry out the good principles they have just learned or to hone what they already knew to the next level. This inspires them to commit to future events for your organization and to invite their friends the next time. Randy is a graduate of Rend Lake College and Southern Illinois University. He was awarded a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary, and he received a Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. He currently is the Provost at Morthland College. If you want a speaker who will help you create a great event, contact Randy. You’ll be glad you did. - See more at:

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How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death!

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