Focus on The Landing!  Live or Virtual

Focus on The Landing! Live or Virtual

How a Stuntman Thrives during Change.

New Technologies, Systems or processes can be daunting. Working with new management teams or people of different generations can cause stress. Changes always illicit fear. The first step in navigating change is to conquer the fear of change. This powerful Keynote gives practical tools for navigating the changes within your company, industry, or marketplace. It clearly demonstrates and inspires the mindset that will allow your audience to take advantage of change and create a new momentum towards an even greater success. Tailored to meet your goals for the event, this program will deliver your message, while inspiring the audience to drive forward fearlessly and take focused action confidently towards a positive outcome. This fun, Interactive, out of the ordinary program demonstrates, in dynamic ways, techniques for managing change in an ever changing world. It will increase performance through a "present moment action" mindset. Using the unlikely teaching tool of a bullwhip, John will take two audience members out of their comfort zones to demonstrate the techniques. One team member will hold targets, as John cracks the targets from their hand. This alone is a fun demonstration. The second team member will have the most impact on your audience. This person will learn to crack the whip and, with John using Advanced NLP techniques and Effective communication skills, actually crack targets out of John's hand. This program will be long remembered and the content retained as the unique delivery is anchored as a positive experience. Every one of John's programs are tailored to meet your event goals.

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero — Motivational Speaker

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero

Bullwhips, Nunchucks, World-Class Comedy, and REAL SOLUTIONS

Using bullwhips, nunchucks, and world-class comedy, I will deliver a program that delivers real impact for your audience both personally and professionally! These programs can be delivered either live or virtually.

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