How Curiosity Ignites the Power of Change

How Curiosity Ignites the Power of Change

Change management and motivational presentation on staying ahead of change

In 2011, when I suddenly went blind, my first thought - and fear - was “how am I going to provide for my family?” With two kids in college, and subsequent loss of my job, I let my preconceptions about blindness guide me in my terror of the new reality. Today, as a speaker on change management, I address how my friends woke me up to the CURIOSITY about transitioning into blindness. Then, I challenge audiences to become curious about their surroundings and eliminate their resistance to change. I encourage them to stop judging the situation, and assess it instead. When we had to sell our home, I was diagnosed with cancer, which metastasized. Once again I had to remain curious about what to do, where to go, and how to attack this change. It is so easy to fall into despair about such circumstances, instead of using our intellect, friends and family, to have them help us “see” that it’s not the universe aligning against us. But above all, we must learn to be humble and accept help from others, so we can transition into a new self and change our leadership style. For me, that transition was going from hotel executive (in three continents and 12 cities) to professional speaker. Now I use my forty plus years of experience in the hospitality industry, to motivate audiences to understand that CHANGE is not our enemy, but our attitude towards it certainly is! I share how being curious helps business professionals adapt their leadership styles, become better listeners, approach change, reduce workplace stress and increase productivity When I am not on the road with my guide dog Pelham, I enjoy playing in the kitchen, discovering new ways to cook with Sous-Vide, pressure cooking, smoking foods, training for big bike rides like Ride the Rockies with my friends on a tandem, or skiing down the slopes. I continually, challenge myself to be curious, embrace change and do the unexpected. After going suddenly blind in 2011, Andre’s family and friends woke up his curiosity about transitioning into the new reality of blindness.. When he subsequently lost his job, sold his home, got a nasty cancer that metastasized, he had to apply all his curiosity to deal with the terror of the new reality. With the guidance of friends he embarked on a new career as a professional and motivational speaker on CHANGE management.

The Curiosity Instigator — Motivational Speaker

The Curiosity Instigator

How Curiosity ignites the power of CHANGE

Stay ahead of CHANGE by igniting the curiosity of your team and implementing an effective change management technique. Instead of fearing change, implement a leadership style that encourages disruption and curiosity.

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