Embracing The Mortal Moment!

Embracing The Mortal Moment!

Harnessing the Transformative Power of Crisis for Innovation!

Our mortality is real, it is poignant and the reality of our mortality has a sobering impact upon most people. The power of the moment can either paralyze or energize, it can immobilize or catalyze. We will all face the Mortal Moment at some point in our trek through life. There is a mortal moment that has the smack of finality, or eternality depending upon you outlook. Yet, there are other mortal moments that are less ominous, but no less daunting, challenging or impactful. The Mortal Moments of job loss, business failure, relationship loss, catastrophic illness, loss of loved ones are all devastating. Yet these Mortal Moments are also potentially transformative and have the power in them to bring the best out of those who acquire the tools and learn to embrace the reality of their mortality with courage. Charles Edwin Markham famously said, "For all your days prepare and meet them ever alike, when you are the anvil bear, when you are the hammer strike." Participants will discover: Three strategies for 1.) facing down fear, 2.) maintaining focus in a time of panic and 3.) stop worrying and start planning in the Mortal Moment. How to center your thoughts and actions on the "most important" and not become mired in inaction. How the crisis of the Mortal Moment can catalyze creativity and energy you previously lacked. How to lead people on your team and in your organization through a collective Mortal Moment. Format: 45 to 60 minute keynote, 3 hour or full day workshop and or a webinar Who will gain the most benefit from this Program: Change Agents such as managers, talent development specialists etc... Business Owners, their leadership teams Non-profit and Community organization leadership

Garry M.Spotts — Motivational Speaker

Garry M.Spotts

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