Live Heroically- Live or Virtual!

Live Heroically- Live or Virtual!

Empowerment during the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has shaken our confidence. Your team needs to be empowered to move forward confidently and empowered. What I can do for you: I will deliver a program that delivers the five key steps to empower your team after a traumatic situation. I used these tools to get out of bed after my spine separated leaving me unable to walk. I went on to become a Stuntman, Fight Director, who performed over 4000 live sword fighting shows (including more than 100 on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan six USO tours.) Your audience will leave inspired and with new skills to overcome self doubt and adversity. All of my programs are fun, interactive, and use no powerpoint. Your audience will feel celebrated, and leave standing taller, more confident, inspired and ready to take action, with the tools to achieve more. I will help awaken the INNER ACTION HERO in your audience as I share how to MANAGE CHANGE in heroic fashion. "Mr. Davis provided an outstanding presentation during our annual year end event. I assure you that you have never experienced a motivational presentation quite like his. It was fun, entertaining, exciting, and inspirational. If you are in need of a keynote speaker and you do not hire him, you are doing yourself a disservice. It was an absolute pleasure for our company to have him at our event." -Rusty Campbell, CleaRESULT Partial Client List: USO J.M. Smuckers Nationwide Insurance AFLAC The Dwyer Group BASF LG McDonalds Akzonobel Penn Station Subs Civista Bank Englefield Oil/Dutchess Shoppes BSI Financial Mr Rooter Oberlin College AirServ Nest International What people are saying: "John brought amazing value to our Reunion and his electrifying personality kept them fully engaged!","Thanks John you Rocked the House!!" -Dina Dwyer Owens, Co-Chair of The Dwyer Group and Television's "Undercover Boss "I've seen many speakers throughout my training career - those that surprise, others that delight, and yet others that manage to impress upon their audience a lesson that manages to stick. Occasionally, I'll see a speaker that manages to do two of these things and, rarer still, one that manages to encompass all of these traits (and more). John C. Davis aka "The Corporate Action Hero" manages to deliver all three of these traits - and exceeds at them, managing to wow the audience, build trust with them, and engage them in such a way that they are entranced by his stories, his message, and the skill he is trying to impart. He also uses a whip. He does something that I've almost never seen a speaker do: he builds confidence in his participants. And it doesn't matter if they are on stage with him using the aforementioned whip or sitting in the audience - everyone walks away feeling like they can do more, be more, and share this newfound gift with others. When he presented for my company, Widget Financial, I watched in amazement as my team made up of executives, managers, tellers and more hung on his every word, laughed at every joke, and visibly sat up straighter and oozed more confidence as his 90 minute presentation progressed. It was an experience and it was amazing. If you are looking for someone to speak to your team, ignite the embers of change in your organization, or simply build teamwork and foster confidence in your organization then look no further than John C. Davis, The Corporate Action Hero. I can't recommend him enough." -Michael Leone, Staff Training and Development Manager, Widget Financial “John's presentation regarding customer service was great. Our audience included professionals, field service technicians and office personnel. Everyone came away from the presentation with an enthusiasm for internal and external customer service. John's use of the bull whip to demonstrate customer service principles left a memorable impression. One of my employees stated that "John was very down to earth and understood us." -Judy Packer, Human Resources Director, FireFighter Sales and Service "John is like a combination of Tony Robbins and Indiana Jones!!" -Jason Hill, CEO, Hill Enterprises

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero — Motivational Speaker

John Davis: The Corporate Action Hero

Bullwhips, Nunchucks, World-Class Comedy, and REAL SOLUTIONS

Using bullwhips, nunchucks, and world-class comedy, I will deliver a program that delivers real impact for your audience both personally and professionally! These programs can be delivered either live or virtually.

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