Enhance the Strengths

Enhance the Strengths

Moving Forward Embracing Change

All businesses and relationships have aspects that are working and some that are not. Improvement in existing situations is both desirable and possible. Change is an opportunity that many resist. Explore a novel approach to growth through consideration of perspective (what is working?), purpose (what am I doing here?), plan (map for change-new habits) and people (relating well to all personalities). People make change work. Motivating people in a supportive environment gives change a solid foundation. This talk can be shared in one hour, two hours or a four hour presentation.

Jackie Wellwood — Motivational Speaker

Jackie Wellwood

Do what's right because it's right.

Jackie's passion for unlocking human potential drives her professional speaking, writing and coaching. A mother of seven, she has much to share about successful entrepreneurs, creativity, life/work balance, relationships, change, marriage and more.

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