Got Culture?

Got Culture?

Cultivating Culture In The Age Of COVID-19

Achieving breakthrough results in your organization, especially in the age of COVID-19, requires more than innovative product development, smart financial strategies, and efficient operational plans. What got leaders here today, is insufficient for what it will take going forward. With ever-changing roadblocks, distributed teams, and added emotional elements of our new reality, leaders must actively focus on building a high-performance culture, as culture is what fuels every aspect of a business. Organizational culture depends on your ability to create an aligned, focused, and engaged team despite active chaos, uncertainty and change. Organizations that emphasize a value-based and stakeholder-centered culture outperform those that don’t by 202%. During this insightful presentation, Margaret Graziano exposes the cultural roadblocks that stall organizational growth. She provides leaders with practical solutions for cultivating the three keys to a thriving culture: trust, alignment, and accountability. Audiences learn how to root out the source of organizational stagnation and inspire employees to take ownership, contribute substantially, and innovate. WALK AWAY WITH SKILLS ESSENTIAL FOR LEADING IN THE AGE OF COVID-19 •Understand the four fundamental human needs and how to incorporate them into your organizational culture •Identifying roadblocks that impede momentum in the constantly changing workplace •Leadership know-how in fostering a peak performing organizational culture that optimizes trust, alignment, and accountability to weather any storm

Margaret Graziano — Motivational Speaker

Margaret Graziano

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Margaret empowers business leaders to reshape their company’s culture—sparking increased employee performance by up to 35% and revenue growth of up to 200%.

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