INSPIRE: The 7 Keys Organizational Culture Success

INSPIRE: The 7 Keys Organizational Culture Success

7 Keys to Generating Cultural Alignment, Employee Engagement and Producing Breakthrough Results

When your employees feel their personal calling is aligned with the mission, vision and values of your organization, they come to work every day ready to give their very best. Rather than working for a paycheck, they have an inner drive and fierce personal commitment to a higher level of excellence, productivity, and creative innovation. As a result, your company has a cohesive workforce of inspired, self-motivated team members who take initiative, accomplish more, and deliver a better customer experience that gives your company a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. In Margaret Graziano’s highly engaging and experiential keynote, INSPIRE, you’ll gain insight into a common sense practical approach for creating superior alignment, engagement and commitment among your workforce. Learn how to: I - Instill purpose and passion in your team members for your business mission, vision and values. N - Now! Ignite a sense of urgency towards accomplishing goals. S - Stimulate enthusiasm, ideas and momentum that lead to exceptional results. P - Provide mentorship and coaching that unleash the talent in your organization. I - Integrate your people strategy into your business strategy. R - Repair relationships, foster teamwork and facilitate collaboration. E - Engage employees at every level with compelling challenges, goals and opportunities. This vibrant and compelling talk is for 21st-century leaders committed to producing breakthrough results.

Margaret Graziano — Motivational Speaker

Margaret Graziano

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Margaret empowers business leaders to reshape their company’s culture—sparking increased employee performance by up to 35% and revenue growth of up to 200%.

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