Building Your Own Business (BYOB) Series

Building Your Own Business (BYOB) Series

Multiple Entrepreneurial Topics For Startups

This program helps for-profits and non-profits to build a sustainability plan that helps them to succeed at having impact across the country. In addition, the entire Building Your Own Business, (BYOB), series will show business owners how to apply for the grants, find their customers, create marketing and sales strategies, write business plans and all things business. The series of 12 topics can be customized to address specific issues or as an overview of all topics. The objective is to assist decision makers by providing education, support, and resources.

The Business Plug — Motivational Speaker

The Business Plug

Business owners call her, "The Business Plug."

The Business Plug is known for giving small business owners strategic plans for marketing, sales and sustainability. By applying over 300 businesses, 20 years of public speaking, and over 30 years of Corporate America experience, they love her!

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