Becoming Servant Leaders

Becoming Servant Leaders

How to Create Leaders in Your Business

The audience for this topic are leaders or aspiring leaders of a business or organization. The focus is to educate, inspire and motive attendees to adopt and live out the 5 critical components of becoming Serving Leaders. This program is perfect for franchise business groups or growing businesses where their leaders are tasked with developing talent, building their own teams and leading by example. This program can be presented either as a breakout or keynote topic. The delivery is focused on high audience engagement and involvement. This is a hands-on, practical approach to leadership challenges we all face today. The Main Points of Focus for this presentation are: How to Build on the Strength of your Team Members How to Blaze the Trail for your Emerging Leaders Why it is Important to Raise the Bar How to Upend the Pyramid Why it is Critical to Run toward Great Purpose

Rich Allen — Motivational Speaker

Rich Allen

Helping leaders ENGAGE and ACTIVATE the power of their team.

Rich speaks with business owners, key leaders and teams with the goal of inspiring greater team engagement, insuring long-term business success and making a difference in the client's local community - all using a bike as a metaphor for a business.

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