Rise Above the Rat Race & Revel!

Rise Above the Rat Race & Revel!

Excellent Keynote to CHARGE UP Attendees for What Lies Ahead or After Lunch to KEEP EM GOING!

When the occasion calls for a major uplifting Keynote, this program is the cure! Using music and humor to bring audiences to an elevated peak of enthusiasm, Maggie delivers your message in the context of potent techniques for living life triumphantly! As a professionally trained singer and comic, Maggie understands the power of music and laughter to open up audiences so good information can get in. Maggie's success at using these skills ensuring her clients' messages resonant powerfully is what earned her the nickname MAGICAL! How Magical Maggie helps makes YOUR EVENT THE BEST EVENT EVER! 1) With Maggie, defining your goals and what you want to achieve is a fun and creative exchange of ideas! To quickly get everyone on the same page, it may be easiest to complete the short form located by copy/pasting the following URL. http://magicalmaggie.com/contact/ 2) After clarifying and all the data is in, Maggie selects widely recognized show tunes and Top 10 hits to complement your event's theme. 3) Now Maggie starts making magic! She'll write custom lyrics and interactive comedy routines to accent her speech using the most powerful communication tools known to humankind: Music and Humor! The outcome is a Keynote that SETS YOUR ATTENDEES' BRAINS' ON FIRE with your message!

Maggie Hunts — Motivational Speaker

Maggie Hunts

Musical Motivation & Merriment!

When the occasion calls for lightening-up your attendees so good information can get in and the right actions be taken -- Magical Maggie is THE authority!

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