Go Global Fast

Go Global Fast

Turn your small business into a global player

When people hear the word globalization they think of losing business to companies overseas, tougher price competition, and unmanageable diversity, in short, a threat. I will show you how to turn globalization into an opportunity for unparalleled prosperity. Often businesses are hesitant to explore the global market because think they need large amounts of investment, that they may not be able to handle the market volatility, or their business is too small and they need to wait to establish themselves locally. I will show you how to enter a new market without significant investment, how to read the "global terrain," and capitalize on the size of your business, and "Go Global" right off the bat. Participants will learn: What are your global threats and opportunities The essentials of a successful global strategy How to "Go Global" without leaving your couch

Dr. Taira — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Taira

New Leadership for a new globalizing world.

Let 19+ years of expertise in facilitating international projects for agencies such as NASA, U.S. Congress, U.S. Air Force, etc., enlighten, and energize your team to capitalize on diversity and become global players!

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