Unleash Your Brain

Unleash Your Brain

Get a Push Button Memory

Do you think you have a poor memory? Are you always forgetting where you left your car keys, or that one last item on your “to do” list? Do you want to remember every fact you learn and stop blanking out? Or do you just want to stop forgetting why you walked into a room? Discover the system created by a Guinness Record holder for Greatest Memory. Imagine how your friends, family, teachers, clients, co-workers or boss will react when they see that you can: easily recall names, dates and facts, effortlessly recall details from conversations exactly when you need it, and quickly learn foreign language vocabulary. In only one session, you will triple your memory, learn the secret to triggering your long term memory at will, as well as unleash perfect focus when you need it most. The speaker promises you will see guaranteed results in just one class. You may have seen this featured on Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, NBC, CBS, ABC, Discovery Channel, or on one of over 1000 radio and television interviews.

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory  — Motivational Speaker

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory

Farrow Method for Memory Improvement and Speed Learning

Dave Farrow - Leading Expert on Memory and Focus Improvement, Brain Based Learning, Accelerated Learning, Self-directed Learning. Dave shares simple, fun and effective skills to help you laugh and learn your way to success in any area of life.

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