How to Outrun the Pace of Change!

How to Outrun the Pace of Change!

Keeping up with a rapidly changing world

Is the world moving a bit fast for you? Join the club! The pace of change in today's business world is growing exponentially and unless you develop a strategy to catch up, you'll be left behind those that do. Gary Brose, serial entrepreneur and owner of over two dozen different companies, developed his method and refined it in his latest book, Express Exec. Now he shares that information in a 1-2 hour presentation. Learn how to use the Cycle of Repeating Events as an anchor for the employees to believe in and trust during a period of rapid change. Gary discusses the process of gaining trust (which is absolutely mandatory to dealing with rapid change) and he walks his listeners through it, using real-life stories, role-playing, and humor to illustrate the techniques business owners and managers must master to keep pace with this world. Change is coming at us like a freight train. You can ignore out or dismiss it at your own peril. No matter what you do, it is coming anyway - but you are not powerless. Learn how to position your company to not only deal with change, but to profit from it!

Gary Brose — Motivational Speaker

Gary Brose

The Nation's Expert on Bonus Programs & Employee Engagement

Imagine an America with 200 million motivated employees! I've imagined that for years and devoted my life to it. Now, I write and speak on how to create a fully motivated and engaged workforce and I explain the unique methods I've proven over time.

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