Crushing Mediocrity -

Crushing Mediocrity -

10 ways to rise above the status quo

This program is perfect for: Senior management, Teams struggling with forward momentum and Managers of underperforming sales groups. ​ The audience will leave with: Leaders will understand how to accelerate actionablke change in the most challenging enviroment. Sales Teams will learn 10 actionable ways to truly "Crush Mediocrity" in their life and career. Copeland has personally lead teams that broe work sales records, and has know brought that knowledge in a HIGH energy, encouraging presentation! ​ ​"I've written a best selling book on "Crushing Mediocrity" and been hired by companies such as Subaru North America, H&R Block, Google and Cox Automotive to help get their sales and mangement teams get unstuck!

Lisa Copeland — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Copeland

Purpose, People, Profit

"Sales Keynote Speaker,Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations the "3 P's" Purpose+ People= Profits! Delivering extraordinary sales results by creating a "Sold-Out" culture, where people believe that what they do matters.!

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