Avoiding Hilarity

Avoiding Hilarity

A Practical Approach to Entering Foreign Markets

The problem with foreign markets is that they're, well, foreign. We've all chuckled at the hijinks of international business, whether an executive's cultural etiquette blunder or a product name that didn't translate well. But we don't want to be that business everyone's chuckling about. And most of us can't afford to hire armies of locals, lawyers or lobbyists to enter a foreign market. Nor can we afford to enter a whole bunch of foreign markets with the hope that one of them "works out." It's likely that there's a market for what we do beyond our shores. The growth is out there. What we need is a practical approach to figuring it all out. That's what this program provides: a foundation for making plans and taking action to enter foreign markets. And it's built on the real-world experiences of a wide range of businesses, so it takes into account both the organization and the market: * Who are we and why are we trying this? * How do we go about identifying opportunities? * What's our realistic plan for doing the work? Designed for senior leaders searching for opportunities, but with limited (or unsuccessful) international experience, Avoiding Hilarity is about being a boring, profitable international business... rather than the butt of a joke.

Paul Schwada — Motivational Speaker

Paul Schwada

A passion for Business Well Done (TM)

Author of 8 Blocks: The Critical Realities For Growing Any Business, Paul Schwada draws from a well of diverse experiences to engage audiences with thoughtful, humorous and practical approaches to our most fundamental business challenge: growth.

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