"Making Leadership and the Workplace Magical!"

"Making Leadership and the Workplace Magical!"

How to Lead & Create a 'Whistle While You Work' Positive Team Culture in Your Organization That Lasts!

(Virtual, Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars, Keynote or 2-hr to Full Day Programs) John shares his Disney Leadership Strategies and experience to show you how you can lead effectively to create a productive, customer focused, positive and fun "Whistle While You Work" environment to increase productivity, sales, customer loyalty, improve morale and the energy in your organization. Learn the keys to how Disney and other successful organizations replace anxiety, apathy and stress with enthusiasm, achievement and energy. Associations, conferences and teams love this entertaining and inspiring program!

John Formica - The "Ex-Disney Guy" — Motivational Speaker

John Formica - The "Ex-Disney Guy"

Disney Philosophy Speaker and Trainer on Disney Culture

Have you ever wondered how Disney continues to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Team Culture & Customer Experience? Imagine if you had the "Ex-Disney Guy" Entertain, Inspire & Engage your audience or team to succeed?

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