BRAVE Branding: Why You Need to be a VIP

BRAVE Branding: Why You Need to be a VIP

Learn how to attract attention, build your brand and be the leader your people are looking for

How BRAVE are you? If it seems like every day a new world dawns in marketing, it does. At times as exciting, imaginative and dramatic as a Super Hero movie, keeping up with social media can be overwhelming. Discover how BRAVE marketing can change your fate. Get powered up, reactivated and outfitted with a simplified, yet advanced, action plan that delivers POW-erful! results for you, your company and your community. Find out how to define your business and personal branding style with values and messaging that keep you — and your clients — focused. Get ready for an extreme branding makeover: We’ll cover how to . . . Discover your values and how to project them Identify areas of influence for you and your followers Personalize your persona with storytelling techniques

Barbara Rozgonyi — Motivational Speaker

Barbara Rozgonyi

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Reviews: Powerhouse Marketer. Pro's Pro. Exceptional strategist. Eloquent speaker. Dynamic presenter, Diligent and thoughtful. Becomes an integral part of your team.

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