Breaking Through to Best in 10 Easy Steps

Breaking Through to Best in 10 Easy Steps

How to Amplify your Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation & Productivity

For conscious executives and entrepreneurs, it is not only imperative to outperform the competition, but it is mandatory to reach those goals through authentic, empowered and compassionate leadership. Even when you have a stellar resume and tons of experience, that may not necessarily have enabled you to learn the skills needed to lead passionately from the heart. Participants will learn a ten-step process through which they will: *Improve their ability to connect to Source, self and others *Identify circumstances, dynamics, relationships and beliefs that keep them in the box and functioning below their potential *Decipher the reasons for maintaining unhealthy or ineffective strategies, thoughts, paradigms and partnerships *Honor their best efforts, even when those have been perceived as insufficient *Release the elements that no longer promote achievement of goals or the development of healthy teams *Redesign and course correct for healthier and more effective leadership *Infuse passion into their missions!

Dr. Sage Breslin — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Sage Breslin

The magical gift of breakthrough and transformation

I had to die eight times to discover what life really had in store for me. As a Best-Selling Author & Transformation Coach I share my unique gifts, inspiration and passion to promote the breakthroughs required to embrace the best version of ourselves

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