Sports Self- Hypnosis, Meditation and Auto-suggestion

Sports Self- Hypnosis, Meditation and Auto-suggestion

Winning With Self Mind Control

Sports-Hypnosis combined with self-hypnosis, meditation and/or auto-suggestion has been mainstream for many years. The Russian Olympic team took 11 hypnotists with them to the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne!!! Tiger Woods' father hired a hypnotist for Tiger at the age of 13 and he still uses self-hypnosis. In 1959 Ingmar Johanson used a hypnotist before defeating Floyd Patterson for the boxing heavyweight championship. Jimmy Connors used self -hypnosis before all of his Tennis U.S. Open victories. Phil Jackson used hypnosis and self hypnosis with all of his championship basketball teams with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. Just a few of the hundreds of NFL, NBA, NHL, boxing, Olympic, and professional athletes who report using hypnosis and self-hypnosis to great benefit in their sports are , diver Greg Louganis, hockey, Wayne Gretzky, baseball, Steve Stone, basketball, Michael Jordan, gold medal gymnast ,Mary Lou Retton, boxers Ken Norton, and Muhammed Ali. Dr. Mendell can custom make a program for your team or athletes. ??? Call 954-274-7841

Dr.Sherwin Mendell — Motivational Speaker

Dr.Sherwin Mendell

Who you gonna call?? Ghost busters or Dr.Mendell

Dr. Mendell in his FUN way will stand on his head if he has to (not bad for 77 years old), to teach how in seconds you can use self -hypnosis, autosuggestion or meditation to GAIN CONTROL OVER YOURSELF, at conscious and subconscious levels.

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