Understanding Depression in the Elderly

Understanding Depression in the Elderly

Encouraging hope for healthcare workers as they serve the elderly

1. Seek to discover depression in senior citizens- a problem that is overlooked 2. Identify signs/symptoms of older age depression, including common medical conditions 3. Explore elders who seem sad: grief vs. depression 4. Take a quick look at depression and the desperation of suicide among senior citizens 5. Learn solutions and apply tips to help caregivers/providers of care to support senior citizens who are suffering in depression 6. Integrate questions, comments, and ideas to further our topic

Steven Sewell — Motivational Speaker

Steven Sewell

Encouraging Hope in Leadership and their Teams

Building bridges of hope to individuals, leadership teams , and executives in profit and non-profit organizations through presentations about conflicts, resiliency, grief, loss, self-care, advocacy, customer service, influence, and management.

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