Living Life to the Fullest: Aging Positively and Never Growing Old

Living Life to the Fullest: Aging Positively and Never Growing Old

"Anti-Aging" Tips for Life

We can’t prevent aging, but we can prevent growing old. In her fun and inspiring way, Julie shares five “Anti-Aging” Tips for Life to help us age positively and never grow old no matter how long we live. Julie helps audiences see the real fountain of youth is found in how we live. Her Anti-Aging Tips will have audiences laughing out loud while also empowering them to start living more fully than they’ve ever lived before. Using her own touching personal story, she challenges others to see aging from a whole different perspective–we shouldn’t dread aging; we should embrace it because aging is a privilege not everyone gets to experience. She will have you cherishing your remaining days more gratefully than ever. Audience members will get re-inspired to not let their life grow old, realizing we’re never too old to: rekindle our dreams, revive our courage to take chances, reignite our passion and enthusiasm, unleash our laughter and playfulness and to make a difference with our love and kindness. She brings audience members to a personal crossroads, challenging them to ask themselves: Which path will you choose for the rest of your life? And spurring them to make positive changes NOW to finish life strong. Julie lovingly inspires people of all ages to realize it’s never too late to change the direction of their life or to reinvent themselves to become the person they really want to be. Audiences of all ages love and relate to Julie’s “Anti-Aging” Tips for Life. This speech is a wonderful fit for audiences 55+.

Julie Clark Lingen — Motivational Speaker

Julie Clark Lingen

Life is Short...Get to Living!

National award-winning author and speaker who gives audiences a powerful wake-up call to live more fully & without regrets. People often say what sets Julie apart from other speakers is her personal story that touches people from all walks of life.

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