Cross Cultural Communication

Cross Cultural Communication

Learn how to communicate with other cultures globally

The objective of the workshop is to provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges in navigating through cross-cultural communications. Cross-cultural communication includes working across countries and regions as well as across cultures within the United States. The workshop can be modified to focus on the importance of cultural understanding and the development of global skills in today's marketplace. Each workshop will consist of two interactive sessions and small group coaching. The workshop will be tailored to your organization's needs to make it as real-word and practical as possible. The workshops will last for one hour and thirty minutes each. Each workshop will be followed by a survey to collect data on skill retention after the workshops and to identify areas for further development.

Sandra Coyle — Motivational Speaker

Sandra Coyle

Giving your brand a voice for diverse global audiences

Sandra Coyle has over 25 years of experience in global communications and marketing for corporations and international organizations. She has lived and worked on five continents. Sandra's expertise includes strategy and leadership coaching.

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