Responsibilities in prevention of child sexual abuse

Responsibilities in prevention of child sexual abuse

This program focuses on responsibilities of various organizations and individuals in prevention

The presentation is based on my book titled “Father Figure — my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” and elaborates on the numerous challenges involved in trying to prevent a situation that might possibly lead to child sexual abuse. The workshop emphasizes the fact that prevention means doing something “before it actually happens” and how our systems such as child protective services and law enforcement services can collaborate effectively with family members in a preventive situation. The purpose of this workshop presentation is to focus on the responsibilities of the various organizations and individuals in order to try to intervene and prevent a possibly abusive scenario. This presentation is unique because it provides details on how multidisciplinary team efforts are critical to prevent a likely abusive scenario, but in the process it also discusses the existing challenges faced by our systems such as law enforcement, legal and court systems, correction system, child protection system, etc, while working in a preventive mode. This unique perspective provides an insight that would be extremely helpful for child welfare advocates, service providers, legal and law enforcement professionals to prevent child sexual abuse.

Sumi Mukherjee — Motivational Speaker

Sumi Mukherjee

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Speaker's focus is on a number of current issues such as acceptance of cultural diversity, long-term devastating psychological impact of bullying, challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse, workplace bullying, emphasis on prevention

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